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Liquidity Token Lessons

2 ways to add liquidity

Learn how to create Pancake Swap Liquidity-Pair-Tokens (LP) manually or use the automatic alternative, which is up to 50x cheaper and faster.

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The Shortcut

Swap Contract

Programmatically swap ETH, USDT or VOW, on either Ethereum or Binance blockchains, for Pancake Swap LP tokens which have been pre-created in a decentralized manner.

Swap Contract
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The Manual way

Step 1: Wallets

Learn how to get your own decentralized wallet, save your mnemonics and private keys, add custom token addresses and networks as well as connect your wallet to third party web apps such as Pancake Swap or Uniswap.

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Step 2: Buying Crypto

Buy your first cryptocurrency through any trusted third party payment processor. Follow the steps to see where you can avail yourself of these offerings and which tokens are available to buy with your bank card.

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Step 3: Using Your Wallet

Become an expert in no time by familiarizing yourself with the swap and send functions neccessary to trade and provide liquidity.

Import Tokens
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Step 3: Liquidity Provision

Learn how to connect to Pancake Swap, add liquidity, manage your LP tokens, monitor your earnings & remove  liquidity when you wish to have your assets returned.

Liquidity Pool


Learn About Liquidity

Pancake Swap liquidity provision involves adding funds to a liquidity pool on the Pancake Swap decentralized exchange. Liquidity providers deposit equal amounts of two tokens into the pool, enabling users to trade between these tokens. In return, liquidity providers earn a share of the trading fees generated by the pool.
The main risks include impermanent loss, where the value of deposited tokens fluctuates compared to holding them, and smart contract vulnerabilities that could lead to financial losses.
Liquidity providers receive LP tokens representing their share of a specific pool. These tokens can be redeemed for their proportional liquidity pool share.
Liquidity Providers earn a portion of the trading fees paid by users, proportional to their share in the pool.
Use your wallet's transaction history or blockchain explorers to track transactions and monitor earnings.
Yes, interacting with Pancake Swap incurs gas fees, as it operates on the Binance blockchain. Gas fees can vary based on network activity and complexity of transactions.
Liquiditytokens.com is not designed to be an inducement to invest in any token or product. It is an information website made available by Vow community members to Vow community members. All information on it is not endorsed, or approved by Vow Limited, The Vow Ecosystem Foundation, or any of their connected companies, trustees or directors. As with all information it is advisable to do your own research before taking any reliance on it. Liquidity Provision for any token pair comes with many risks, some known and some unknown.

Recieve your

Get Liquidity Tokens Instantly without the hassle

Simply send USDT, ETH or VOW to the dedicated swap contract address and you will be returned Pancake Swap LP tokens of equivalent value automatically.

Let your tokens

Generate Continous Passive Income

Every time there is a trade on the VOW / vUSD liquidity pool you earn your proportional share from the transaction fees.

Connect to Pancake Swap to

Monitor your profit and track your investments